Culture Collection of Actinomycetes

The Culture Collection of Actinomycetes (CCA) was founded in the Institute of Soil Biology, Biology Centre CAS, v. v. i. in 2007. The CCA became a member of the Biology Centre Collections of Organisms (BCCO) in 2015. BCCO is an association of selected collections of organisms of the Biology Centre CAS. BCCO supports the maintenance and further development of collections, aims on increasing the knowledge of the existence of the collections in public and especially supports the use of the stored biological material in research, biotechnologies, medicine and other practical applications.

The CCA serves as a depository for cultures of environmental & clinical actinomycetes.  The isolates are used for research (especially for screening of strains producing novel secondary metabolites), industrial applications, education, and general scientific interest according to the Material Transfer Agreement.   

Most of the cultures belong to the family Streptomycetaceae, however, members of other rare families are also represented: Micromonosporaceae, Nocardiaceae, Nocardioidaceae, Nocardiopsaceae, Promicromonosporaceae, Pseudonocardiaceae, Streptosporangiaceae. 

We are open to collaborating with research institutes, universities and pharmaceutical companies to research substances with antibiotic or anti-inflammatory effects.

The development of the web and the catalogue of the CCA collection were supported from the programme Strategy AV21 Diversity of Life and Health of Ecosystems (2015 - 2019) and Land Conservation and Restoration (2020 - 2024) of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


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