Cultural collection of Actinomycetes

Strain details:

Strain identification
Strain number:BCCO 10_0814
Identification:Streptomyces zaomyceticus
Isolation place
Biological origin:Soil enriched with urine
Substrate conditions:
Country of origin:
Climate conditions of the area
Mean anual precipitation:650 mm
Mean anual temperature:7 °C
Average altitude:600 m
Year of isolation:2007
Spore mass color:poor aerial mycelium (pale gray)
Substrate mycelium pigmentation:Co4a,4b (pale grayish green)
Melanin production:negative
Characterisation medium:
Activity against microorganism
Microorganism:Activity status:
Bacilllus subtilis CCM 2217 no activity
Saccharomyces cerevisiae CCM 8191 no activity
Escherichia coli CCM 2024 no activity
Isolation medium:
Growth medium:M2

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